From economy, social life to physical and emotional wellness, we are all affected by the pandemic at a certain extent. With the support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, ReSource is offering a timely support on mental health and wellness for people who are unemployed or severely underemployed during the pandemic. Eligible parties will enjoy 6 online or face-to-face counselling sessions (50-60 minutes per session) at the rate of $30 per session. Through this program, we hope to support the beneficiaries to maintain their mental wellness, build up their own resilience to overcome various challenges during the pandemic.

1) Person who are currently unemployed or underemployed due to pandemic#, and
2) The current family household average monthly income is HKD 35,000 or below

Scope of services: individual, couple, family counselling
Counselling fee: $30 per session, 6 sessions in total
Duration of each session: 50 – 60 minutes.
Mode of counselling:  Online (Zoom, Skype, Face Time, Google Meet) or face-to-face service

Appointment Procedure: 

1) Please call 2523 8979/ WhatsApp 6489 4824 or email to resource@counselling.org.hk to make an appointment during office hours (Mon-Fri 9:30am – 6:30pm). You may leave your name and contact information by private messaging our social media pages outside office hours.

2) We will follow up your case by phone and ask for income proof document.

3) After verification of document, we will match you with the most suitable counsellor.

The appointment will also be confirmed by phone/email. For online counselling appointment, please settle online payment before the session.  

We will also organize different FREE mental health activities for the public every month.  Please stay tuned on our social media pages for the latest news.

#According to the Census and Statistic Department, the unemployed population comprises all those persons aged 15 and over who fulfil the following conditions: have not had a job and have not performed any work for pay or profit during the 7 days before enumeration; and have been available for work during the 7 days before enumeration; and have sought work during the 30 days before enumeration. Underemployed persons refer to those employed persons who have involuntarily worked less than 35 hours during the 7 days before enumeration and either sought additional work during the 30 days before enumeration; or have been available for additional work during the 7 days before enumeration.


Project Period: 23/3/2022 – 31/8/2022 (Subsequent sessions will be charged according to a sliding fee scale based on family monthly income)

Enquiry: 2523 8979

Remark: This sponsored service is on a first-come-first-served basis.