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We offer an extensive range of mental health services. Other than counselling sessions, we also provide psychotherapy and various kinds of mental health support. All of which are aimed to improve you overall and mental wellbeing, explore your thoughts and feelings at a deeper level, and discover the root causes and potential solutions for the problems that you are facing.We serve a wide scope of clients, ranging from people who are encountering issues in their daily lives to those with mental illnesses. No matter what kind of challenges you are facing, you are always welcomed at ReSource and our professionals will help you as much as they can.

Anything. Clients come along to discuss and work on a diversity of issues. For example, work, relationships, sexuality, bereavement, parenting and fertility are some of the issues. Many clients wish to explore their feelings regarding issues of personal inadequacy, anger, depression, anxiety and unhappiness. Others realise that their lives are being affected negatively by their excessive use of drugs, alcohol, food or sex and are seeking help to change this behaviour. Some clients have undergone traumatic experiences – either in the past or quite recently and they wish to discuss these experiences in a safe and supportive environment. Counsellors see many people who have been sexually abused, bullied or who have been involved in traumatic situations and they are able to help clients deal with the long-term consequences of these events. A great many people come into counselling to help them deal with relationship difficulties. The most common problems are to do with lack of effective communication, the discovery of infidelity and/or sexual problems. They may come with their partner or by themselves.

For an individual, counselling sessions are usually 1 hour in length. For couples, sessions may be longer. Usually the sessions are held at weekly intervals but if a client is in crisis or is feeling suicidal the sessions may be more frequent. All sessions are confidential and they will continue until the client has achieved the goals that they wish to attain, until they have dealt with the issues that are causing them distress or they have learnt more effective ways in which to deal with their feelings.

No. Counsellors will see whoever comes; even when people feel the whole difficulty lies with the other person it is often useful to talk things over confidentially with a trained counsellor. A different perspective and some new ideas on a different way of problem solving can prove a turning point towards a more satisfying relationship.

Counsellors do not take it upon themselves to decide whether a client should separate from their partner or not. Their job is to help the client/clients explore all the alternatives so that the client/clients can decide for themselves the best course of action. Sometimes clients come for counselling to help repair their relationship but find out during the counselling sessions that their expectations are very different and that the relationship is irrevocably damaged and cannot be repaired. In these cases, the counsellor would then focus on helping the couple to adapt themselves to the new situation with a minimum of bitterness, hostility and guilt. This can help their overall adjustment as well as other family members, i.e. children or parents. Counselling can provide positive support during what is almost always an extremely painful period in a couple’s life.​

Clients come from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds and from every section of the community. Diversity of Race, Sexual Orientation, Religious background and Economic Status is welcomed at ReSource. As ReSource has a sliding fee scale based on each client’s family income the organisation can provide affordable counselling to anyone who needs it. Clients range in age from teenagers to the elderly – they may be single, married, in live-in relationships, married or divorced, straight or gay. Everyone is welcome at ReSource.

Our counsellors are carefully selected professionals from all around the world. They all have a rich diversity of international backgrounds, such as Hong Kong, Mainland China, USA, Russia, Singapore, Japan etc, welcoming clients from any culture. Additionally, our counsellors are extremely qualified (all of them have obtained at least a Master’s degree), capable and experienced in dealing with a wide range of mental health issues. They all underwent extensive training and are required to undertake further enrichment and ongoing professional development. They are undoubtedly able to provide you with professional and top-notch mental health services.

Success needs defining. Counselling is a collaborative process undertaken by both the client and the counsellor. Several unhurried, objective but sympathetic sessions can help a client clarify issues and give some insight. At the other end of the spectrum, long-term counselling can gradually but radically help a person to cope. Clients can be helped to improve their ability to deal with life, work, personal or inter-personal issues for the future.

It is totally up you whether to come back for another session, our counsellors will not demand you to do anything. Additionally, if you do not fully understand what is happening at any point, or that you are in doubt of your progress, feel free to discuss your concern with your counsellor. This also plays a role in therapy and a contributing factor in achieving better results in therapy. Usually, counselling will end when the problem(s) you have consulted us with have become manageable or better, resolved. It might take a while to explore the root cause of the issues you face.

Appointments are made by telephoning the office on 2523 8979 between 9:15 a.m. and 6:15 p.m. Monday to Friday. Voicemail messages may be left after office hours or if no one is available. Clients can be seen during office hours and also at lunch times & after work. All enquiries and counselling sessions are private and confidential.​

All meetings will be carried out at the office of ReSource The Counselling Centre at:

Unit 701,  China Hong Kong Tower, 8-12 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Tel. (852) 2523 8979
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