Our services

Rights and Responsibilities

1. Counsellors work within the parameters of mainstream psychology, respecting clients and their individual value systems, following ReSource’s Code of Ethics.

2. All enquiries and counselling sessions are private and confidential. During counselling supervision/consultative support and other consultations, identities of the clients are not revealed. Only in exceptional circumstances would confidentiality be broken. The exceptional circumstances would be if :

a) There is a clear and immediate danger to an individual or to society
b) There is a legal compulsion to make the disclosure and a failure or refusal to comply will constitute a criminal offence or contempt of court.

If this proves a problem please discuss it with the counsellor.

3. One of the purposes of ReSource is to help clients reach the best solution to their problems by talking to a sympathetic and experienced counsellor. While one or more solutions may be available, it is the client’s responsibility and rights to choose their preferred solutions. No legal responsibility is accepted of any advice which may be thought to have been given in the course of counselling.

4. At least 24 hours of cancellation of an appointment should be given whenever possible. Clients may be charged for the session if they fail to give advance notice.

5. Fees are charged for the service provided and are based on FAMILY income.